Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rachel Skinner - Week 6 Milestone

Scene 3 - First Rescue
-script under cut-

AMINAH crouches down behind crates on a dock with JERSEY peeking out of her backpack. The clues they both gathered have led them to a wharf outside the city. They have just snuck past several guards to get to where they are and are now attempting to eavesdrop on a conversation between the dockmaster and an unknown man in front of a large warehouse/ship. They catch only the very tail end of the conversation.
Be sure to secure Master Baxter's cargo tightly. We wouldn't want it to break out now. And be sure to keep it hidden as well! Master Baxter wants his new collection to be a surprise to the world.
Yes, yes, of course. We're taking every precaution; the guard is doubled and the doors are triple locked. Everything has been taken care of, there's no way anyone will get in without us knowing it.
With that, they say their farewells and part. Aminah ducks further behind the cover of the boxes. When the coast is clear, Jersey pokes her head out of the backpack to whisper to Aminah:
Did you hear that?
Yes; it sounds like something very important is being held inside that building.
Sure does. Wonder who this 'Baxter' fellow is?
           He sounds like trouble. Let's get closer and 
           have a look.
Players can control Aminah as she sneaks closer to the building. The doors are locked, and Aminah cannot force it open. After exploring for a minute they both see that high up on one side of the building a window was cracked open. It was too small for Aminah to fit though, but not for Jersey.
I will try to find a way to open the front door so you can get in, but there's too many guards around right now. Stick around and out of sight.
Alright, be careful!
She goes to hide. Players control Jersey as she climbs up to the window (flying would draw too much attention here). She gets inside and tries to get a good view of the layout from her high vantage point. She can see something noticeably brighter in comparison to the dingy warehouse in the far corner. There are several obstacles in her way, but she considers risking it anyway. Just as Jersey prepares to take off, her movements make a noise on the windowsill, attracting the attention of one of the guards inside. Before he can shine his flashlight on her she ducks down. The guard eventually goes back to his business and Jersey takes a second look around; no way she can fly to the curious object without attracting attention. Players will control her as she makes her way down to the ground floor and through the labyrinth of boxes, guards, and other obstacles. Midway through she gets to the front door but cannot open it. Aminah is near on the other side and she whispers to her that she can't open it but she's getting somewhere. Eventually, she is led right to the brightly lit object that first caught her attention.
To her surprise, Jersey comes face to face with a familiar figure: the Ogopogo, lake monster of Okanagan, British Columbia. He was trapped in a massive reinforced glass case filled with water. Despite its size, it was too small to hold him, and he was coiled into himself, misery written on his face. When he hears Jersey's hooves clicking on the ground he opens his eyes.
Jersebelle...? Whatever are you doing here? Don't tell me that awful man captured you as well.
He is despondent. He cannot move much in his cage. Jersey steps forward.
No, I'm here to rescue you. ...Somehow.
She walks right up to the glass.
It is no use. This cage cannot be broken. I have tried.
Jersey concentrates, trying to come up with a plan. She notices there is some sort of device at the bottom of the tank, and concludes that this was related to how the serpent was moved into the warehouse. She looks around and spots a pulley system, then remembers how the warehouse could be opened up in the back right out to the river behind it to allow ships to easily move cargo in and out of it.
I think I have a plan. I'll need some help though. Wait right here!
She leaves, and players control her to get back to the front door where Aminah still waits. Jersey conveys her plan and tells Aminah to make her way to the back of the warehouse where the doors can be opened and see if she can get it working. Then she goes back to the Ogopogo and starts connecting winches and ropes, intending to move his cage back to the warehouse and dump it out, breaking it in the process and freeing the serpent. Players have to do this as quietly as possible as there are still guards around who will investigate if too much noise is made. After getting everything set up, Jersey runs to the back entrance and calls out to Aminah, asking if she's ready. She is, and Jersey runs back to put her plan into motion. She activates the system which attracts the guards attention. She set it up to go through the motions automatically, but the guards will stop it if they are given a chance. Players must fight the guards long enough for the Ogopogo to make it to the door, at which point Aminah will open it. There is a small ledge from the opening to the bottom of the dock, and when Ogopogo's cage falls and hits it, combined with his last efforts of pushing against the edges, it shatters and he slips into the water.
At this point there was quite a commotion caused. Ogopogo quickly thanks Jersey and Aminah for their help, then swims away, intent on finding his way back home. Jersey and Aminah now must find a way to safety (this part is player controlled). Jersey jumps back into Aminah's backpack and they make their way out of the docks and to the city where they can slip away unnoticed. Unbeknownst to them, the dockmaster spies them as they flee.

(after scene; optional)
Inside Benjamin's camp, which is far more elaborate and solid than a normal camp. Fitting for a man of high class. The unknown man from before is reporting to his master, Benjamin.
Sir... your sea serpent... it has escaped.
[recoiling] Th-There was this woman! I saw her fleeing the dock; it must have been her!
You let one single girl thieve my trophy?!
He is furious, but does not move to strike the dockmaster, even though he recoils like he is about to. Instead, Benjamin looms over him.
N-Not just that! My men tell me that there was something else with her. They never got a good look at it, but they described it like a small little demon. It was probably helping the girl!
Benjamin does not look the least bit happier, but he also seems intrigued by the news. He turns away from his underling, deep in thought. He looks up, having come to a decision.
Ready my equipment. I will not let this set back affect my plan. We move on.
He turns to the underling, looming over him again.
Do not fail me again.
The underling bows, the scrambles away. Benjamin turns his back on the fleeing man, his face set in angry concentration again.

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