Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rachel Skinner - Week 10 Milestone

 Scene 5 - Jersey's Rescue
-script under cut-
The scene takes place immediately after JERSEY's capture. AMINAH happens upon the scene just out of sight, hiding in the brush. She sees Jersey inside the crate and nearly calls out to her, but stops herself. She must stay hidden and find a different way to free her friend. Aminah manages to stay hidden until Benjamin's goons finish packing up and sneaks onto a truck carrying supplies and makes herself comfortable. She has lost track of Jersey. It's a reckless and hasty plan but it's all she can come up with on the spot.
The truck drives for hours. Aminah is exhausted and out of food. Just then, the truck stops, and sounds like it's being backed into something. She hears the drivers start talking as they make their way to the back and realizes the fatal flaw in her plan. Fortunately fate is on her side, and as soon as they open up the back they go to get equipment to help them unload. Players have a short amount of time to reach the exit unheard, and then they must sneak away to safety.
Once this is done, Aminah realizes she is in the largest warehouse she has ever seen, filled to the brim with marked but an endless supply of warehouse crates.
Oh, how am I going to find Jersey in this great mess??
She looks around.
[sighs] I suppose I'll have to start somewhere.
Players lead Aminah through the labyrinth. It is dangerous, dark, and frightening. Guards patrol the hall, and they're all much tougher, have smarter AI, and more sensitive to sounds than the previous one. Aminah has to climb all over the warehouse following clues to the very end. Finally, she overhears other guards talk about the latest shipments and what will happen to their contents. Their discussion scares Aminah. They were talking about how the cryptids will all be stuffed and mounted for a grand party that Benjamin will throw to show off all his new trophies, which will surely raise his status even higher than it already is. At the very end they give her a clue as to where Jersey's crate is, and players follow it.
After however long it takes to get to the very back of the warehouse, Aminah finally finds the pile of crates that she's been looking for. She climbs up the pile until she gets to the top. Looking in to the last crate, she sees Jersey curled up in a corner looking miserable.
There you are!
Jersey's head pops up. She looks shocked.
Aminah...? You came?!
Jersey crawls forward to grasp the bars of her cage. She is surprised but overjoyed.
Of course I did! Let's get you out of there.
It's no use. This thing is as solid as a stone.
All crates are meant to be opened. You just have to have the right tools.
Aminah eyes the lock holding Jersey's crate closed. She rifles through her trusty backpack again and pulls out a switchblade. Players have to work the locks (there are 3) that increase in difficulty as they go. When she unlocks it and opens the top, Jersey jumps out and they embrace.
I am so glad you are alright! I have searched the warehouse to the best of my abilities, but I have not come across any other cryptids in my search. Do you want to look around and be sure?
No, I trust you. Let's get out of here.
Players only make it so far as the bottom of the pile before they are ambushed. The guards surround them and players must switch from Aminah to Jersey and fight them. Aminah provides assists as best she can. After the fight they escape out into the dark and dreary open. It is pouring, but they escape with their lives.

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