Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rachel Skinner - Week 8 Milestone

Scene 4 - Jersey's Capture
-script under cut-

JERSEY and AMINAH had traveled to a remote location on the outskirts of a town after receiving some intel about where Benjamin is going to attack next. Thinking that they had caught a break and would be able to head him off, they followed. The information turns out to be a setup when BENJAMIN ambushes them, separating Jersey from Aminah. The cryptid has no choice but to flee when Benjamin immediately goes on the attack. She manages to lose him temporarily and tries in vain to retrace her footsteps through the brush and reunite with her companion. Here, players control her movement through the heavy thicket.
(whispering) Aminah! Aminah, where are you?
Players lead her through the undergrowth for another minute or so before they are ambushed by Benjamin. He barges through a bush and knocks Jersey on her back with a gasp for a brief moment. The hunter stands proud and triumphant over Jersey and begins taunting her.
You've made a fine game of this, Devil. Very sporting of you to make this more challenging for me. Very amusing indeed. But, [he takes aim] the game is up.
A quicktime event is triggered here. Jersey barely manages to scramble out of the way before Benjamin shoots. A sizable hole is made by the shotgun blast where she laid a moment ago. In an act of desperation she kicks up a cloud of dust and grabs a handful of dirt in the confusion to throw in Ben's eyes. He scrubs at his face and in the confusion Jersey puts some distance between them. As players guide her away from Ben, he shouts after her:
You'll not get away this time, Devil! You are surrounded; one way or the other I'll have you in my grasp!
Jersey has no time to contemplate this. In her frantic attempt to get away, she almost steps right into a cruel metal trap. She suddenly understood what Benjamin meant; she could see evidence of traps hidden all around her. She had to get through without alerting Benjamin of her location and without getting caught. Benjamin's taunts can be heard close by.
   Do be so kind as to not make me track you down. These boots are new and it is ever so much a bother to get them cleaned constantly. 
   I am growing tired of this, Devil! You are only prolonging the inevitable!
   Do take care to not get yourself covered in filth in this dreadful forest. I'd hate for your pelt to become tarnished.
His words made Jersey shudder. She only hoped that Aminah was faring better than her right now.
Players carefully guide Jersey through the labyrinth until they reach a clearing. Jersey knows that she can't fly just yet; she would be an easy target in the air. She steps out into the open, only for a metal mesh to spring out around the clearing, revealing the area as an enclosed arena. Several cruel looking men step forth from the brush, closing in on Jersey. She must fight them while avoiding the snares scattered around to have any hope of escaping. Player's screech and physical attacks will have been upgraded at this point, meaning they can knock out enemies for good. The fight goes on for a few minutes, until all enemies are defeated. Players take Jersey through to the other side of the first glade to another one, seemingly in the clear.
That illusion of safety is shattered when Benjamin bursts through the treeline in a modified vehicle. He barrels towards her, shouting threats and taunts the whole way. Jersey starts running, preparing to throw caution to the wind and take off in the air.
She doesn't get too far though; just as she takes her last steps she triggers a hidden trap. A net is flung into the air using a complex looking machine, effectively trapping Jersey. She struggles fervently, trying to bite through the mesh, but it's made of metal. Benjamin pulls up to her and exits the vehicle, cruelly laughing as he did.
I told you that I'd get you, Devil. It is over.
Jersey wrestled to turn and face her tormentor. When she finally was able to look into his eyes, she took a deep breath, and let out her loudest screech to knock him down. To her surprise, his only reaction was to be pushed ever so slightly back, as if someone gently nudged him. He sneered up at her, chuckling darkly.
These - [he gestures to a small device in his ear] – are a little something I had my engineers whip up for me after analyzing you helped one of my prizes escape. These will block the frequency of your little squeals. You are powerless.
With that, Benjamin gestures to beckon his men. He turned his back on her and addressed the one closest to him:
Take it to the convoy, alive. I want this one to be preserved as long as possible.
He leaves. Jersey's managed to put on a brave face until now, but as he walks away her expression is one of terror.
The scene fades to black as Jersey is lowered into a crate. It transitions to her inside the crate, which has been outfitted with bars. It is moving. She scratches the wood to try and make a hole, but it is pointless. Different cuts show her staring through the bars, trying to find a weak point inside and outside the crate, to sitting dejectedly in the corner. The scene fades to black and ends.

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