Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rachel Skinner - Week 12 Milestone

Scene 6 - Final Fight (and bonus denouement)
-script under cut-

     JERSEY and AMINAH have escaped into the woods after fleeing the enormous warehouse that Jersey was held captive in. After gathering intel, they find that they are on a spot in BENJAMIN's vast estate. They hear whispered rumors of where the rest of the cryptids are being kept: inside a secret storage somewhere on the wealthy hunter's property. They sneak around and look for clues everywhere on the grounds until they find the secret entrance: a trapdoor. It leads them deep down below the earth.
     The area is like a cellar, only much bigger. It is also protected by guards as this is the last hiding place Benjamin could think of to keep his catches in his hands, so they must move carefully. They (controlled by the player) free all the trapped cryptids by picking the locks to their cages. They are directed to the exits and escape into the night one by one. After they free all the captives, Aminah and Jersey themselves escape the prison.
     Unfortunately for them, Benjamin has caught wise to their scheme. It's too late for him to recapture his lost prizes but he still has one more opportunity: the Jersey Devil herself. He is full of barely contained rage and he drives them both towards his mansion. By now it is pouring rain and thunder is rolling towards them on the horizon. Jersey's injured wing prevents her from flying away; the most she can do is glide for a few seconds.
     The two dash inside the open back door and look around. They find a window and try to smash it open to escape through but it is unbreakable.
Where do we go now?!
Aminah takes a few moments to think.
We have to find the entrance, it's our only way out!
     They barely make it through the next room before they hear Ben burst through the door, bellowing after them. He spots them and shoots before they can bolt to safety. Players must guide them through each adjoining room safely, avoiding both Ben and other butlers. Jersey and Aminah get separated at a few points. One of the rooms players are lead through is the trophy room, which turns out to be a dead end. (Players will control Jersey here.) They must lead her around the room without alerting Ben to her exact location, all while listening to growled threats from Benjamin.
     For most of this encounter, he has been eerily silent. He is quickly losing patience and is becoming more ruthless by the minute. At some point, after leaving the trophy room and reuniting with Jersey, Aminah gets hold of a phone and calls the police, begging for help. Players continue through the house until they finally reach the front door. Ben, however, has caught up to them. He has them cornered. He takes his gun and aims it at them both. Aminah makes one last desperate jump for the door.
     She throws it open to the torrential rain only to be blinded by searchlights. The police have arrived! Aminah quickly grabs Jersey and stuffs her into her backpack in the confusion. Benjamin is arrested for attempted murder. Aminah answers questioning, plays dumb and innocent, and is released. She (and by extension Jersey) get a ride back to the city, where Aminah rents a room in a hotel.
Following that, the two go back to the United States and Jersey returns to her home. The two must part ways, as Aminah is out of money and must go back home to report to her cryptid hunter group. The two promise to stay in touch however they can, and Aminah promises to return.


     Some of the last scenes of the game (likely showing while the credits are rolling) are of Aminah making a (heavily edited) report of her findings and making her group promise secrecy, Jersey patrolling her forest and greeting her fellow cryptids, and even some very poorly disguised cryptids risking a trip to the city to deliver a letter to Aminah, who gets it and reads it in delight.
The very final scene (played right after the credits) is Aminah walking back to the forest several months after their adventure to see Jersey. They meet and embrace.
I'm so glad you came!
I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see my very good friend, could I?
They step back, both looking determined.
Your last letter was a little vague. Care to explain yourself in more detail?
I sure can! You ready for another adventure?
    They walk into the forest as the camera falls back. The game ends.

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